About Me

My name is Eric James Hanusa. I was born near St. Louis, Missouri. Unlike a lot of actors, I didn’t get my first taste of acting until I got into college. The majority of my youth was spent as a competitive soccer player, gymnast, swimmer, basketball player, baseball player, track athlete and breakdancer.

But, when I wasn’t playing sports, I immersed myself in music and acting. Starting at the age of 6, I began singing in choir and playing guitar and drums. Then in high school, I joined the competitive show choir and elite bass choir. My friends and I would get together and sing barbershop in the school hallways; as well as perform songs by Boyz II Men, N’Sync and other vocal male groups. I even dropped out of college to pursue it professionally in the R&B groups “Unison” and “RdestinE”. From the enjoyment (and life experience) I received by singing professionally (and the acting I studied in college and in Austin, TX), I knew my calling was to be a performer. I moved out to LA, began performing as a solo artist at open mics around the city, and started acting in professional film productions. I absolutely love to perform and can’t see myself doing anything else.  With that said though, my life isn’t spent only performing.

In my free time, I use my college degree (That’s right… I went back and graduated!) to help people feel better and live healthier, happier lives. I enjoy hiking and exploring the many beautiful places around LA. I play beach volleyball on the weekends. I skydive and plan to eventually bungee jump (as well as BASE jump off of cliffs). I am a huge proponent of investing and creating passive streams of income. And with that knowledge I’ve helped others create financial plans that will help them reach their life goals and dreams. Lastly, and my favorite thing to do (other than spend time with family and friends) is getting out of my comfort zone by meeting new people and having great life adventures.

I absolutely love my life and the paths it’s taken to get me where I am now. I’ve moved from a small city on the outskirts of St. Louis to pursue the most competitive and demanding profession, in the most popular city in the world. I’m not a dreamer that expects it to be easy. I know that it’s a tough business to truly break into. But, I am driven and focused and know that I will succeed; because I don’t fail! It’s going to be a wild journey and I can’t wait to see what successes are in store for me!

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